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“In spite of the continued improvement in MS and other manufacturers products, ZTree still continues to do a coupla things they either can't do, or don't do as well.  One is creating and preserving lists of the file structure as it exists on a media, and the other is provide ordered lists of duplicate files for sorting, pruning etc.  ZTree is one of those utilities that goes on all of my HD's.  Other niche applications (partitioning software, image management software, etc.) that used to have that “favored" status are being or have been overtaken and replaced by MS improvements or new 3rd party software.  It's not clear when or if that will ever happen to ZTree.”
- Randy King - Sandia Labs

“I have been a registered user of ZTreeBold since February 8, 1995.  This
month marks 5 years of wonderful use.  I use ZTreeBold many times each day
and currently have v1.81b installed.

Yesterday I registered ZTreeBold again with BMT Micro because I wanted to
send a little token of my appreciation.  You have faithfully kept it up and
you deserve more for this great program.”
Hal Diezel

“I have just used my copy of ZTree to back up files, and it works like a dream - just like the old XTree, but better.  Please add this testimonial to the many others you  must have had.  XTGold for Windows has gone into the recycle bin!”
Peter Hall

“You know?  I got to hand it to you.  You did a hell of a job on ZTree.  I should know, I worked for XTree as a tech in tech support.”
- Bob Jones

“When I downloaded ZTree, I was expected a shoddy knockoff of the original.  I was tickled to death to find that you kept nearly all the original functionality intact, while fixing its Windows limitations.”
- Ed Wood

“I have a friend who died a few months ago before we discovered ZTree, he missed XTREE even more than me and was always complaining that it would not work properly.  There is now a 3.5 floppy with ZTree underneath his headstone...hope he’s smiling at last!”
- Bob Lee

“ZTree is the one single program that puts me head and shoulders above my contemporaries. I started out using Norton Commander in 1989, and after a couple of years I was convinced to move to XTree Gold by an engineer from Hughes. (He designed cryogenic integrated circuits for the nose sensors of heat seeking missiles, and was one of my Foosball buddies) This was not an easy decision as I had invested two years of my life into learning every aspect of Norton Commander. I had reached NC Guru status. Most of my buddies were using Norton Commander, and they were smart guys. But this guy at Hughes was earning 10x the salary all my buddies were making, and understood computers on a level that was far and above anyone else I had ever met. I respected his opinion. There was no getting around the fact that he did some impressive things with XTree Gold that just couldn't be done with NC, and nearly all things I could do with NC, he could do with XTree very quickly and with a minimum of fuss. I decided to take the plunge, and I must say that it was hell for the week or two that it took me to get up to speed... to just be as efficient as I was with Norton Commander. To just be able to copy or find a dang file! :) For a year or two I would sometimes go back to NC when I wasn't sure how to do something in XTree. But gradually I stopped going back to NC to do things, and boy am I glad I made the switch!!!

In 1995 when Windows long file names hit the market I was in a dilemma. XTree Gold, which was a DOS program, didn't support long file names. It didn't really matter much on my home computers since I ran a DOS based BBS (mostly under Desqview or OS/2), and strictly followed an 8.3 file naming convention. But at work, as a computer consultant, it was getting to be frustrating having to resort to Windows Explorer's copy and paste functions to move files around. XTree Win was released by Symantec at that time, and I bought it. That turned out to be an absolute waste of money. I was frantic for a new file manager.

And in September of 1995 I discovered ZTree Win.  ZTree Win has replaced XTree Gold as my file manager, and I can say without reservation that ZTree is directly responsible for my success in the computer industry. It has allowed me to gain a reputation as someone who can do anything, with any file, anywhere on a network. My clients, most of which are IT professional at fortune 500 (or even f-50) companies, just love to get out of the way and watch the magic. They keep calling me back because they believe that there's nothing that is beyond my ability to do. There's no faking this kind of thing. ZTree has made me the success that I am! I'd whip up a few examples for you but it would just get silly with me trying to make up the most outrageously complex odd-ball file management situation that just happens to fall into ZTree's lap. There are lots of file managers out there, and I'm sure that the people who use them could whip up impressive situations where they shine. I won't do that here, but I will say that if you want to be in a situation where your file manager has the depth to take you as far as you have the skill to go, then you will not be disappointed if you make the switch to ZTree.
- Paul Laufer - President, Telesage Solutions

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